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Health & Safety

At Broadlands Bed and Breakfast we want you to enjoy your experience in Westport without the worry. In addition to our normal cleaning and disinfection protocols, we have expanded and updated our Health & Safety Standards to meet updated Failte Ireland Guidelines (See: for reference). Some of the steps we are taking to combat the spread of COVID-19 are provided below. This list is not exhaustive and we strive to ensure you have a safe and healthy experience.

Room & House:

  • Each room is thoroughly disinfected following each guest's departure. 

  • Fresh linens are provided at each guest's arrival and cleaned frequently during your stay

  • Common rooms and frequently touched surfaces are disinfected a minimum of twice daily and before and after each guest's arrival

  • Common sitting and dining rooms will no longer be in use unless the entire house is booked by a single party

  • Rooms and sections of the House can be locked down for quarantine should a guest become unwell during their stay.  

  • It is recommended you book the house for your stay to ensure you do not interact with strangers during your stay.

  • Hand Sanitizer is provided throughout the House for guest and employee use. 

  • Each room includes an ensuite bathroom to allow each room to maintain cleanliness without cross contamination 

  • Additional Bedding will be provided upon request, but will no longer be available in rooms

  • Guest information will be provided digitally or through single-use paper products

Guest & Employee Interaction:

  • Guests and employees are required to adhere to a strict minimum of 2 meters from eachother at all times (does not apply to guests in the same room or household). 

  • Cleaning staff will only enter a guests room upon request and only while the guest is out of the room. The room will then be disinfected

  • All employees are required to wear masks when in the company of others and when handling items to be or previously handled by others

  • Guests are asked to wear masks in all common spaces and upon entering or exiting the building

Food Safety:

  • Coffee & Tea will no longer be provided in guest's rooms. Complimentary coffee or tea may be requested from staff

  • Breakfast will only be provided for full house rental guests. 

  • Unauthorized personnel are not allowed in the kitchen at all times. Only employees wearing appropriate PPE will be allowed to prepare or serve food

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